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Transition Age Youth System of Care - Diagnosis is Not Destiny

The Transition Age Youth (TAY) System of Care exists to improve the services and outcomes for youth, age sixteen through twenty-four who are experiencing mental illness, in making successful and seamless transitions towards self-sufficiency and independent living.

The TAY System of Care primarily serves youth aged 16-24 who are Seriously Emotionally Disturbed (SED) or Seriously Mentally Ill (SMI). As a result of the mental disorder the young person has substantial impairment in self-care, school functioning, family relationships, or in their ability to function in the community.

Please review our TAY Strategic Plan which was developed in full partnership with transition age youth and their families and also the TAY Services Brochure which briefly describes some of our services.

Clinicians may use the TAT Referral Form to make referrals to the Transition Age Team (TAT). This multidisciplinary team meets weekly to review cases.

For more information about TAY services please contact Radawn Alcorn, Interim Director, Transition Age Youth System of Care at or call (510) 567-8100.