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City of Fremont
Senior Mobile Mental Health Program

Location: 3300 Capitol Avenue, Building B, Fremont, Ca. 94538
Age Group Served: Older Adults
Program Description: Provide mental health services to seniors in their homes. The program serves seniors 60 and older who are isolated, and unable to access traditional mental health services because of physical and mental disabilities. The program provides in-home assessment, individual, group and family therapy, medication management and support, linkage to community resources, crisis intervention and case management. The program partners with seniors in promoting their ability to live healthy, productive lives as an active members of the community in spite of the challenge of mental illness.
Placement Period: Fall semester
Program/Placement Hours: 3 days /week (24 hours)
Preferred Discipline / Experience: MSW
First or Second Year Students: 2nd year students preferred
Supervision & Support: Supervised and train by an LCSW
Send Resume to:
Application Due Date: By April 2017
Stipends Available: Not at this time